The Naked Traveler 4

Author: Trinity
Publisher: Penerbit B-First (PT Bentang Pustaka)
Publication Date: September 2012
Pages: 262

Trinity as dubbed by The Jakarta Post as Heroine for Indonesia Tourism is back with her fourth sequel of Naked Traveler. The book is still written down with Trinity's usual style, light and humorous.  This time she tells about her experiences in Africa, her Live on Board (LOB) at Raja Ampat and other unique places. She also shares some tips such as: how to travel with affordable budget and other important tips is how to watch a concert in a peaceful way in Tua Nonton Konser Band Tua, this last tips is intended for elder people who can't stand the crazy crowd that usually happens at every concert, yes it's me, hahaha...  

If you read Trinity's blog regularly perhaps you won't find any new things. But for me who reads her blog rarely, I find the book is enjoyable. Trinity with her lines Worrying gets you nowhere, has inspired many Indonesian to travel. She's Indonesia's leading travel writer. She's also one of the good example of someone who dares to follow her passion. Started with a blog in 2005 and less than two years the blog has already nominated as Finalist in Indonesia's Best Blog Award at Pesta Blogger. This led her to switch her corporate career to a full-time traveler and a freelance travel writer.  

Many people will envy her life. Nothing compares to the opportunity to do something you like and gets payment for that. As Confucius says, Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. But life doesn't stop there. After knowing our passion, it's time to explore it and do our best. Travel books are mushrooming now but the Naked Traveler's series are still the Indonesia's best selling travel book to date. Of course there is hard work there. If you check Trinity's blog, you will find out that she's on One Year Around-the-World Trip. This is one of the way to maintain her product. She must tells new things not only common destination. Around the World trip will need big budget but instead of just waiting for sponsor, she does it herself. She's using her own money. She said let's consider this as an investment. New investment needs capital but the return usually beyond that. No pain, no gain. Just do our best and let's God do the rest.