It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

Yesterday morning our home was visited by twenty guests! They're not just 'guests'. They're Zea's  very special guests. They're seventeen classmates, two teachers and one school guard. As usual every year Zea's kindergarten has a Home Visit program. It's a program to visit a student's home. Yesterday was our turn. Since the location of the school building and our home was not too far so they could walk hand in hand to our home. At the moment they arrived, everything seemed brighter. Kids and their magic things. They simply cheered everything up.

We did many interesting things together such as singing, drawing, coloring, cutting the papers, gluing the shapes, taking pictures and eating lunch together.  Time run so fast. Suddenly it's just  eleven sharp and they had to leave. Thank you for coming. All of you had made our day as a perfect one.