Indonesia Vintage Week

We have nothing special to do this long weekend. We just happened to drop by at Pondok Indah Mall and found this Vintage Week that presented an Indonesia Flea Market (March 27-30). They sold many unique yet beautiful stuffs. Mostly handmade product with its awesome signature. They also provided some art workshops.

I found this cute-flowery-glasses box, made from used milk carton box, a product of Sawo Kecik. Love lots of products here. I just can't get enough of this vintage. 

Maya's Notebook

Title: Maya's Notebook
Author: Isabel Allende
Publisher: Harper, 2013
387 pages
Pain like that. Pain of the soul, does not go away with remedies, therapy, or vacations. You simply endure it deep down, fully, as you should.
I guess I just finished reading one of the best books in 2014. A book written by a master storyteller Isabel Allende. She proves again in her latest book, Maya's Notebook that she's one of the greatest living writers.

This is a story of Maya Vidal, a nineteen-year-old girl from Berkeley, California. Since she neglected by her parents, Maya at last is raised by her grandparents, her grandma known as Nini, a very strong Chilean old lady who described by Maya just like Don Corleone, the mafioso since she can do everything she wants. and her grandpa, Popo, is an African American astronomer and professor. Having loved abundantly by Nini and Popo therefore when Popo dies of cancer, Maya's world turns upside down. She turns to drugs, alcohol, crime, and is chased by a gang of assassins, the police, the FBI and Interpol. It's her Nini who finally helps her to escape to a remote island off the coast of Chile known as Chiloe island. 

Allende is a master at developing strong characters and an engaging plot. As usual she also delivers a great exposition of the differences between American and Latino culture. Thus from this entertaining reading experience (I enjoy many conversation here between Maya and her Nini and Popo and also with people in Chiloe island), we also will enjoy the strong characters, culture and recent Chilean history. Told with deep feeling, this thrilling yet touching story will haunt you for days (in fact after reading about how peaceful Maya's life in Chiloe island is, I browsed the place and to my excitement  I found that the island exists). Check here for more info about Chiloe island.
"You're in communication with heaven, Father. You don't need a computer."
"Even in heaven now, they've got Facebook this days, my child."
         (a conversation between Liliana Travino (Maya's friend) and Father Lyon).

Welcoming Weekend's friday finally. It's time to relax a little bit. Forget about the traffic jam, the teaching schedule, and unpredictable weather (it's March already but the rain still keeps falling down). My girls and I  decided to have a simple mother-daugter-date. We just dropped by at one of small cafes nearby, ordered a bowl of ice cream and enjoyed it together while having an intimate chit-chat.
Sisters share everything will get angry lol

On our way home we passed Aksara bookstore and read a big notification saying "it's our anniversary treat, let's enjoy the discount on books, souvenirs, CDs/DVDs, etc." This is absolutely too tempting to ignore. We entered the store and ended up buying several books. I know my book-to-read list is quite long now but my heart is so weak to resist the urge to buy new books with big discount (30%-50%) We don't have it everyday, do we? (excuse).

We went home with a happy heart. We have no special plan for the weekend. We just want to cuddle up at home with these new books (The Red House by Mark Haddon, What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank by Nathan Englander, and The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh). Hope you also have a great weekend to welcome. 

Jakarta Kafe

Title: Jakarta Kafe
Author: Tatyana
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: April 2013
296 pages

A friend lent me this book. She said I am going to like it. Well..let me find out then. This is a short stories collection consists of 25 stories. The scene is in Jakarta (yep..the title says so) but not all happens in a cafe. But soon I drown into the book I just found my self (as if) sitting in the cafe, sipping my hot chocolate and observing people around me.

The book actually tells about everyday stories in Jakarta, about the single parent, love affair, neighbour, friendship, gossip, reunion, cafe's customers, etc. They are simple stories but the author knew how to turn these stories into awesome stories. Some stories seems very short and leaves us with 'unfinished' feeling but I guess it's just the author's style to keep the readers curious and stick to the stories till the end. And I did. I read all of them and had a good time.

Some of the stories in the book had been published in 2004 under the same title while some others also had been parts of Single Mom's Day Out (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2005) and  Vinyet (Grasindo, 2006).

Anna and Elsa

Ready to visit a friend's birthday party
Najla and Zea are still in love with Frozen the movie. I think all girls will do love it (even I do). They keep watching the movie and keep singing the soundtrack Let it Go over and over again. They said that the movie's theme is a kind of their story, a story about two sisters with different characters, Zea said she's Anna and Najla said she's more into Elsa.

Actually it's just a classic Disney movie with a simple story. It turns out that its simplicity that captures lots of girls' hearts and at last it received Oscars for the best animated feature and the best original song. Quite an achievement.

When the girls' grandma said she's busy sewing frozen dresses for the girls. They're thrilled. They can't wait to have it. Finally the moment came, two packages from grandma arrived. They're over the moon. Luckily their friend invited them for a birthday party. It's just a perfect moment for them to wear the beautiful dresses and acted as Anna and Elsa. 

Good Life

via Youtube

Every time I am feeling down, I listen to this song Good Life by OneRepublic and helps. 

Try it on ...:)

A 9th Birthday Means...

no more birthday party with friends
no more goody bag for cousins and friends
no more birthday cake with princess or barbie theme

it is a more private birthday celebration among mama, ayah & zea
it is a make-a-wish moment with birthday songs and prayers 
it is also a simple birthday cake bought at a nearby cake shop
it is still and always be a special moment 
it is a perfect time to get together and send the best prayer for our big girl
happy 9th birthday, kakak najla...