Harvest Time

Cococnut tree at our front yard having its neverending fruits
Rainy season is coming. Rain everyday. Day and night. Welcoming Chinese New Year on February 19 and also (the best part) is the harvest time. Although I don't have a big yard at home but I try to plant some fruit trees at our side and front yard. Now our fruit trees are ready to bloom and some others are having their harvest time. So far I check almost all of our fruit trees such as  rambutan, mangosteen, lengkeng, and coconut are ready to serve their fruits  unless our jambu and sarikaya trees, they still have nothing but the leaves (sigh). I am still thinking to change this sarikaya tree with others since it never has any fruits since the beginning.

Lengkeng fruit is here!!!
The mangosteen are still green but many of my neighbors can't wait to get it
Well...harvest time not only hits our yard. Yesterday I picked up the girls from their school and since their school is surrounded by a huge garden thus it has lots of different trees (you name it) and I noticed that the fruit trees there are having their harvest time as well. 

Rambutan season is coming...
Cempedak tree at the girls' school. You can feel its good smell everywhere
The best part about having the harvest time is not eating the fruits but more on the moment when we pick the them. It's just epic. Now we're waiting for the rain to stop then we can get ready to pick all those fresh fruits.