Weekend Getaway: Villatel Salse, Bandung

Out of the blue I just felt the urge for visiting Bandung. The different Bandung, not its malls or Factory outlets. The peaceful Bandung with its breathtaking views. After browsing here and there, I finally decided to go to Dago Pakar. The place is popular for its beautiful spots. You can drop by at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Selasar Sunaryo and its cafe, Kopi Selasar, or just visit any random cafe since most of the places having great view with its fresh air.  

We stayed at Villatel Salse at Dago Giri. Villatel is a Villa Hotel while 'Salse' is from Sundanese which means 'santai' (relax). This hotel was just open for several months. It has 20 rooms with its beautiful surrounding. You will find yourself embracing everything around the place. Located in the middle of the rain forest, with the sound of the river in front of your room, non-stop animals hymn and fresh air, you just feel something magical here. Totally recharged and fulfilled. 

Villatel Salse is managed by Lawangwangi which already known for its Creative Art Space and Cafe with a view where everything is truly instagrammable. Sometimes  it's even used for taking pre-wedding pictures. And I guess they applied all their creativity into their hotel. No wonder why Villatel Salse and its surrounding are so artistic. The interior, exterior, and all stuff seem already designed wholeheartedly. Everything is unique. 

Villatel Salse also completed with a happening cafe called Warung Salse. Similar as its hotel, Warung Salse will also make you fall for its place, food and most importantly--its affordable price.   

Back to Jakarta with a full heart. This place is such a heavenly view. A food for soul.