Luxembourg, a Wonderful Little Country

On my way to Frankfurt, Germany, I dropped by at this tiny country, Luxembourg. Bordered among Belgium, France and Germany. These neighbour countries affect Luxembourg in many ways, from the language (there are three official languages: Luxembourgish, German, French), culture, food and others.

I joined a walking tour with a local guide (who was a very nice lady with a great sense of humour) to explore this awesome place. Luxembourg is rich with its fortress, castles, historical building, valley, forest, and nature park. No wonder it's listed as UNESCO cultural heritage. 

A tiny place with magical touch. Its breathtaking view will leave you speechless.   

One of the things that I adore here was when we found a Chinese restaurant with buffet package. Dear God, after getting tired with Western food, this Chinese food was totally heaven. Although the price is a bit pricey (12 euro for a complete buffet) but we could live with that. All good thing has its price.

My guide said that everything is expensive in Luxembourg therefore many young people move to other neighbour countries. Lots of people who live in here are hired by the European Union (EU). Yes, Luxembourg is one of the three official capitals of the EU. Since EU has 28 members that consists of 24 languages therefore many translators and interpreters are definitely needed.