Laskar Pelangi the Movie

Finally I had the opportunity to watch this movie. Believe it or not, I sneaked out during my lunch break at the office with my two-crazy-'emak2'-friend and went to Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia. We picked the earliest session, started at 12 am and went back to the office at 2.30 pm. I know it sounds crazy, a mother with two little girls, I really don't have time to go the movie, especially in lebaran holiday while the babysitters were back to their hometowns *excuse*.

The movie itself is great. One thing that disturbs me is Tora Sudiro. He just does not fit the character. He's too comical. Still, it is a good movie, otherwise I would not risk my job just to watch it. I enjoy the beautiful views of Belitong. The cute small actors and actresses.

It is not fair to compare the book and the movie. Of course, the book is richer. We have our own imagination and they are all beyond limitation. Anyhow, the movie is recommended. Take your children to watch it. They will get new ideas of the importance of education. Make them dare to dream and appreciate more upon what they get in life.

In short, I could summarize that the book successfully make me laughing, while the movie really burst me into tears.


Ingkan Simanjuntak October 9, 2008 at 11:21 AM  

wahh thanks for the review mba..
haven't got the time to watch this though.. hiks hiks..

one thing i would like to add is, ternyata bukan cuma sale doang yang bisa membuat kita balik ke kantor jam 2.30 yak.. hihihihihi

Anonymous October 9, 2008 at 12:52 PM  

it's not a good example though, pls don't try this at your office, unless you wanna get fired, hihi.....