Just like other working moms, almost everyday my colleague makes a phone call to check her son’s (5 yrs old) condition at home. But, children sometimes have their own plans in their mind and we can not force them to talk to us even we are their mom. This occasion happened several days a go:

My friend : “ Almer mana? Saya mau ngomong sama Almer.”
The nanny : “Almer nggak mau, bu.”
My friend : “Tolong dibujuk, bilang Mama kangen mau ngomong sama Almer.”

Not long after that, Almer picked up the phone.
My Friend : “ Hai Almer, lagi ngapain?”
Almer : “Maaf telepon yang anda tuju sedang sibuk, cobalah beberapa saat lagi.”
My friend : @#$%^&*