The Wrong Way Home

This is a story about Peter Moore's desire of heart which is to travel home overland from London to Sydney. He started from London -Prague - Budapest- Croatia -Bosnia- Albania- Sofia-Istanbul -Pakistan- Afghanistan -India - Kathmandu -Lhasa- Chengdu-Laos -Malaysia- Singapore - Indonesia- Dili-Sydney.

He wrote his story in a funny way. Take an example when he entered the Chinese Immigration and Customs office in order to cross into Laos, an official said that she couldn't let him passed and suggested him to fly. Peter put on the most pained expression he possibly could and said, "my father was killed in a plane crash in Australia when I was ten. I haven't been able to fly since. If you look in my passport, you will see that I have come all this way from London without flying in a plane."

Peter wished that the whole things had been videotaped because he deserved an oscar at the Academy Awards that year. Nearly three hours later, the official returned to the room, smiling sweetly, his passport had been stamped and all paperworks had been done. Well.... it worked.

The whole journey had been taken over 8 months, 25 countries, 13 boats, 34 buses, 16 trains, 21 mini vans, 6 car rides and one solitary flight later when he failed to take boat from Kupang to Darwin.

One thing that amazes me that the author never forget to ring his mom during his journey. What a nice guy.


Ingkan Simanjuntak October 9, 2008 at 11:26 AM  

that wraps it up
i'm definitely going back to times karawaci to get that book.. hahaha

Anonymous October 9, 2008 at 12:48 PM  

of course you do, I highly recommend this book, it's enjoyable.
thanks again for giving me the opportunity to read it.