Q & A

This book is remarkably awesome. I enjoy it very much. The story is about Ram Mohammad Thomas (he has 3 names that represent 3 religions and have a long reason behind it), a 18-year-old-guy, who works as a bartender. He never goes to school. But, no body can’t argue somebody’s fate. He joins the “Who Will Win a Billion” quiz show and win the grand prize: ONE BILLION RUPEE. He answers all 12 questions perfectly. Everybody stunns.

According to some people i.e. the quiz organizer, this whole things are totally strange. Impossible. They’re quite sure that Ram must be cheating during the show. These assumptions lead to the arresting of Ram by the police guards.

Ram is an orphan. His life journey moves from one inferno to others, Delhi, Mumbai, Dharavi, Agra. Still, he could enjoy the Bollywood movies, Taj Mahal (where he works as a tourist guide for 2 years) and falls in love with a young prostitute, Nita.

Combination of hilarious stories, tragic, drama even action-thriller and a sweet ending is truly engaging.

Formerly, this book has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia and published by PT SERAMBI ILMU SEMESTA under title of “Q & A” on December 2006. Then on July 2008, it’s reprinted with new cover and title “Teka- Teki Cinta Sang Pramusaji” (unfortunately, I bought this new version and couldn't find the new cover to be posted here). Frankly speaking, I feel uncomfortable with the Indonesian title. I think, if the translator and the publisher can’t find a suitable title in Bahasa, it’s better to leave the book with its original title. One more thing that disturbs me is the translation of the book, I found several ‘uncommon’ words. Perhaps, it’s time for the publisher to hire an editor and a proofreader aswell to check the book before it’s printed.

All in all, I highly recommend this book. It’s entertaining. You could burst into laugh and tears at the same time. Not many books could do that.

Salute to Vikas Swarup, the author, an Indian diplomat who now serves for the Department of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi.