A Weekend Getaway: Sentul

Playground at TumbarJinten Restaurant
We spent our last weekend in Sentul area. Arrived there during lunch time, we directly headed to Tumbar Jinten Restaurant. It's a nice place with a good food.  
Feeling happy with a happy tummy, we continued checking  in at Harris Hotel Sentul. It's a simple modern hotel. I love their color. It's orange. You can find orange everywhere. The wall, their bolster in the bedroom, the hotel sandals, the sofa even the staff's' t-shirts color. Such an energizing atmosphere. The hotel is really kids friendly. There are lots of activities to do. But the best part is the hotel's pool. All kids will love it. The girls were busy swimming, playing in the playground and dropping by at the kids club. The hotel also provide free bike if you want to go biking around the area.

The hotel location is also accessible. For our dinner, we decided to drop by at Ah Poong. Since it's saturday night, the place was quite hectic. We had a quick dinner and left the area soon. I think it's better to visit this place in the morning so the kids can do lots of things there such as boating or just playing in the eco-park.
An orange classic car at Harris Hotel
Checking out on Sunday noon. We tried to find a not-so-crowded place for lunch. Finally we arrived at Taman Budaya Sentul. Enjoyed lunch at Kopitiam Oey while the girls couldn't take their eyes off the pony ride, the flying fox, and the playground. Yes, there are a huge park here. It's heaven for the kids. Too bad we arrived there on a hot sunny day. Therefore the girls couldn't really explore the area. Never thought that Sentul could be one of the alternative places to spend with kids. Sure we'll be back. Next time we should be here early in the morning thus the weather is still friendly enough for the girls to play outside. 


alaya November 24, 2014 at 5:15 PM  

i was in harris sentul too last lebaran.
i've never heard about tumbar jinten. will check this place :)

riana November 24, 2014 at 9:00 PM  

@alaya: tumbar jinten is nice especially for people who want to stay away from the crowded ah poong:)