Orange Juice and Fried Rice on Friday Morning

Preparation Time
Last Friday all Grade 4 students at Najla's school had a cooking competition. It's a group project. The obligatory menu were fried rice and orange juice however they still could modify the menu as long as the basic were still related to fried rice and orange. Najla and her group chose Hongkong Fried Rice and orange juice as their menu. 
The FIrst Winner: Sushi Fried Rice (Wow..such a creative kids!!!)
They practiced the cooking once in one of their friend's homes with the assistance of the mother but last Friday everything had to be handled by themselves, no more parents' interference.
Some are really good in cooking while others choose to be observers and supporters
Those amazing creations
I am sure that this cooking experiences are definitely a special moment for Najla and all her friends. Moreover her happiness was even doubled when the jury said that Najla's group became the second winner. Yay….way to go kids…proud of you all. As a wrap up, I am amazed to see all of the creations (since I don't cook. Yep, I don't get along well with kitchen and stuff). They definitely have the talent to be an excellent chef someday.

*All pics are courtesy of Tr Elyana.