Friday Morning at Setu Babakan

My daughter, Najla, and her classmates visited Setu Babakan last Friday. This was part of her school monthly visit agenda. Setu Babakan is located at Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. It's close by to Depok area. 

Since 2004 the government declared the place as a Betawi Cultural Heritage. You will find a man-made lake here where people usually go fishing. You can cycle, watch some Betawi performances, try some Betawi signature food such as Kerak Telor or Kue Rangi or just sit still and enjoy the surrounding.

According to Najla's school teacher, the government is now busy preparing for a small man-made island where a Betawi traditional house will be erected  completed with children playground. Moreover a  theatre hall and a multifunction hall are soon to be launched.

One of the alternative weekend places for family instead of stuck in a crowded mall. Find more on Setu Babakan here.

*All pics are courtesy of Teacher Elyana.