Theodore Boone

I've been in love with books for such a long time. They have accompanied me since I was a little girl, during my teenage period, up until now. They have been there, coloring my life faithfully. At that time, I also had several favorite authors who put great influence in my life. Started from Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon and the last one, John Grisham. Enid Blyton's writings made me once planned to be a children book author. While Agatha Christie really influenced me to be a detective, and the last one, John Grisham who successfully made me choosing law school and in the end deciding to be a lawyer:)

This latest book from John Grisham had already been translated by Gramedia Pustaka Utama on September 2010. It's about Theo Boone, a 13-yr-old-boy, who is crazy about law since both of his parents are lawyers. Not like other boys his age, Theo is different, his favorite place is court room. He knows well many judges, police officers and court officers. He wants to be a good lawyer someday.

Until one day, he knows something --perhaps too much-- that at last puts him into one of the most sensational murder case.

Do not expect to read a breathtaking legal thriller like Grisham usually writes. This book is targeted for teenagers. Therefore the story is very simple. Very predictable. For me as an emak-emak, it's just an ordinary book.