The Artist

Casts: Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, John Goodman
Writer & Director: Michael Hazanavicius

A good story will always be a good story. It does not need a dialogue, a high-technology or even a color. This happens to a 2011 French romantic comedy drama The Artist that has won five academy awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. It's a silent cinema and screened in black and white.

The story takes place in Hollywood between 1927 and 1932 and focuses on the relationship of an older silent film star and a rising young actress. But more than that the story tells about one big moment, the cinema revolution. Farewell to silent cinema and welcome the talkies. One thing to learn is if we want to survive, we must move on. Don't get carried away with the old golden time. Do something, at least try to adjust.

The cinema is just awesome. I enjoy every scene, from the beginning until the end. Even without any dialogue, I can feel the cinema's soul. It easily made me laugh and touched. Perhaps it's just the magic of silent cinema and I suddenly come to think of watching other silent cinema. A must see. One of a kind. Highly recommended.