Daughter of Fortune

Author: Isabel Allende
Translator: Eko Indriantanto
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: December 2009

I felt so lucky to find this Allende's novel with 30% discount at Gunung Agung bookstore. An amazing novel about family saga. Daughter of Fortune is Eliza Sommers, a young Chilean girl of mysterious origins. Left as a baby on the doorstep of an English siblings, the Sommers, Rose, Jeremy and their sailor brother, John Sommers. Eliza is finally adopted and raised in part by Rose Sommers and also by Mama Fresia, the Sommers' servant and cook who teaches her the art of cooking.

The novel takes place in Chile during the 1840s, at that time news of gold being discovered in California reaches Chile and people go out to California in search of a fortune.

As other Allende's book, you will find story about love, true love versus 'fairy tale' love, freedom and of course the gold fever. Allende spent seven years of research on this novel. She says it is a story of a young woman's search for self-knowledge. She also wrote the sequel of this novel entitled Portrait in Sepia (has been translated and published by Gramedia on February 2012).

If you love Allende's debut novel The House of the Spirits, you will also love this.


mei March 12, 2012 at 8:46 PM  

novel ini udah nunggu giliran utk aku baca. suka bgt sama tulisannya allende! skrg lg selingin bbrp novel lain dulu setelah bulan lalu baca the house of the spirits yg captivating bgt itu... reviewnya bikin makin pengen baca :)

portrait in sephia jg udah nunggu, maunya baca urut. aku jd koleksi buku allende nih :)

mudah2an lanjutan city of beast (trilogy) segera hadir jg dr gramedia ya..

riana March 13, 2012 at 1:02 PM  

@mei: Iya, ternyata hampir semua karya Allende itu mengagumkan. Dia selalu menulis novel dg riset mendalam, pantas setiap kali baca karyanya selalu bikin kita 'terbius' hingga berhari-hari:)

Aminnn...*ikutan nunggu lanjutan trilogy City of Beast*