Title: Adultery
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2014
261 pages

"If married people, for whatever reason, decide to look for another partner, this does not necessarily mean that the couple's relationship is not doing well. Nor do I believe that sex is the primary motive. It has more to do with boredom, with a lack of passion for life, with shortage of challenges. It's a combination of factors."

--Adultery by Paulo Coelho
Being greateful is not always easy. People keep comparing their life with others. Easily envy others while they actually never been in those people's shoes. Let's meet up Linda, the lead character in Paulo Coelho's latest book. Linda is a 31-year-old woman who has a perfect life, a solid and stable marriage, a loving husband, sweet and behaved children and a good job as a journalist.

But one day, a routine interview with a famous writer changes everything. The writer tells her about the meaning of happiness. This discussion turns Linda's world upside down. She starts to question the routine and predictability of her days.

Her life is even getting more complicated when she encounters Jacob, her ex-boy friend from her adolescence. Jacob is a succesfull politician now and during the interview something happens. He ends up arousing something in her she hadn't felt for a long time; passion. 

I think this time Coelho delivers his idea in a simple way. Easy to absorb yet it still comes out with new insights. And if you love beautiful quotes especially about husband and wife relationship, you will easily find it at almost every chapter.

One of a very touching statements from Linda's husband on page 213 of Adultery:
I controlled the jealousy I feel because of you, and I am happy with that. You know why? Because I always have to show I am worthy of your love. I have to fight for our marriage, for our union, in ways that have nothing to do with our children. I love you. I would endure anything, absolutely anything, to always have you by my side. But I can't stop you from leaving me one day. So if that day comes, you are free to leave and seek your happiness. My love for you is stronger than anything, and I would never stop you from being happy.