School Fun Days

School days are one of the most memorable moments. I remember when I started writing my memoir #BukuSelfie, my friend and I discussed and shared lots of awesome moments that we spent together for the past 34 years. Tell you what our favorite parts turned out to be our days at elementary school. Spending time together at the same school for six years are really something.

It happens to my girl, Najla. She is 9 and at the 4th grade now. Currently her teacher asks her and her classmates to do some group projects. The project varies from different kind of subject. A few days ago Najla just finished her latest group presentation about healthy food. Each group had to deliver their presentation and brought the example of the food. After all groups finished the presentation coming the best part of the project which was enjoying and eating all the food together. Look at their happy faces, the smile is definitely contagious, isn't it???

Najla's teacher sent some pictures on the presentation to parents' Whatsapp group (yes, there are many ways to contact our kid's teacher now). Never thought that they could be really creative in preparing and delivering the presentation. Love to see the pictures and very proud of all of them. Way to go, kids!!