Sunday Morning at the Pool

We went to Bogor last weekend. No, there is nothing special though. We just wanted to take the girls, Najla and Zea, swimming at  the Jungle. Najla as a swimming freak was on heaven. Her favorite was trying the pool with a high slide. She kept sliding all day long. While Zea, as a not-so-crazy about water sport, enjoyed the indoor pool hot water.  The girls really had a good time since they were able to choose the kind of pool they like according to their personality:) 
Yes, that's Najla up there!!!
We left the pool in the afternoon since it's already hot and crowded. Never ending visitors kept coming to the pool area. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant Rumah Air. They serve  Sundanese food. The place is nice surrounded by several bamboo hut, a lake full of fish under and a playground for the kids. The girls loved eating here because they could share their leftover food to all fish down there. All in all we're happy  for having a full tummy and an awesome weekend.