A Sweet Escape

Out of the blue the idea of escape from Jakarta for awhile hit my head and I just popped it up to my three friends and to my surprise, they all had positive response. Haaa..I though they will reject it since they have to work and Wednesday is absolutely not an option for a sudden break. I guess we all just have something in common.  Ladies, love you all !!!

We went to Dusun Bambu in Lembang. This place is quite happening now. I though it's going to be not so crowded in the middle of the week but I was wrong. We arrived there at 12 pm and planned to have lunch at their Cafe Burangrang and you know what they said it's already fully booked. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine the crowd on weekend.  

We finally went to its market and bought some other food while enjoying the fresh air, the cloudy atmosphere, ah…it's just too good to be true. Extremely peaceful. I always amaze to see how Bandung and Bali people create lots of different awesome places to stay and to eat. They just never run out of new ideas and creativity. Just like this Dusun Bambu, every corner, every inch is crafted well. Love it all. Perfect recharge before we go back to our daily routine.