Wedding, Weekend, etc

Last weekend we had a one-day trip to Bandung for a friend's wedding invitation. We left Jakarta on Sunday morning and arrived in Bandung in time. The traffic was quite friendly. We didn't spend much time at the wedding reception since we're afraid that the traffic would be getting worst in the evening. After congratulating the bride and the groom, we decided to leave the place.

On our way back to Jakarta, we passed this beautiful housing complex, Kota Baru Parahyangan.   I read lots of their housing advertisement in the media. Curious about the place then we just turned left and entered the area. It's such a huge area with complete facilities. After browsing around the complex, we dropped by at Bale Pare. It's a place provided by the developer to hang out with family and friends, listen to the home band while sipping a cup of coffee. The place is very cozy with several restaurants, shady trees and a wide field with green grass everywhere. Najla and Zea enjoyed it a lot. They run here and there. So happy to breathe a fresh air. We left the area around 3 pm and arrived home at 5 pm. Wow...such a lucky day, back and forth to Bandung with a very smooth weekend traffic.