Diary of A Taxi Driver

True, life is hard, especially after a transition from a lifelong scientist to a rookie taxi driver. But life is like this highway: sometimes smooth, sometimes rough; sometimes you go slow, sometimes you go fast; sometimes it frustrates you, sometimes it pleases you. As long as you know where you are going and never quit halfway, you will get there sooner or later.

This diary is special since it's written down by the most educated cabdriver in Singapore, Cai Mingjie, PhD, he is a scientist, university professor, having published numerous papers and a Stanford PhD.

Due to global financial crisis, on May 2008, his job at a leading institute in Singapore was terminated. He felt shocked at first but life had to go on. He sent application letters to various organizations, including universities, government agencies and private companies and heard nothing from them.

Finally on November 2008, he decided to become a taxi driver, the Singaporean job of last resort. By the end of February 2009, he received his taxi driver's license and began his new career. This book originated from his blog he created to record the stories he experienced during his 6 months contract period with a taxi operating company as a hirer. Since his blog is getting more and more popular, he finally received several job opportunities from his blog readers. That's end of his career as a taxi driver.

But, he said that his taxi driving experience has certainly change his perspectives on life. He learned many things on the road as a taxi driver that he never learned before as a scientist. Couldn't agree more. Learning can be done from anyone, anywhere.