The Burning Plain

The movie's directed and written by Guilermo Arriaga. He is the screenwriter of Amores Perros (2000), 21 Grams (2003) and Babel (2006). I love most of his works.

Typical of Arriaga's work, this movie is told in a non-linear narrative, where events are revealed out of sequence. Jump from the past to the present and vice versa and its effect to several people separated by time and space. There are 5 characters in the movie, Mariana, a 16-yr-old-girl trying to put together the shattered life of her parents, Sylvia, a woman in Portland who is still haunted by her horrible past experience, Gina & Nick, a couple who must deal with an intense affair, and Maria, a young girl who helps her parents find redemption, forgiveness and love.

A truly breathtaking movie.