Her Big Smile

Last Friday my little girl's school conducted an outing to Gelanggang Samudra Ancol. Here we were, Zea and I, walking hand in hand together enjoying various animal shows. Our lovely date was ended with 4D Theater. We entered a studio and watched the 4D movie with special glasses. While her other friends were screaming and asking their moms to leave the theater (perhaps 4D theater's too scary for students at age 2-3 years old), not for Zea.

Despite watching the movie, I was paying more attention to watch Zea's gesture, in case she's also afraid and we needed to stay out of the studio very soon. Fortunately, instead of getting scary, she watched the 4D movie religiously. At the end of the show, while we stepped out of the studio, she said to me, "Filmnya sebentar banget ya, Ma?!" Wew...what a girl. Look at her big smile above, it's obvious that she did enjoy the show.

Trapped Among Lovely Fabrics

A friend who is now interested to do the sewing activity asked me to do the fabrics hunting since she lives outside Jakarta. She needs certain fabrics with colorful, cute and adorable pattern. A very engaging request. I always love doing books and fabrics hunting.

Yesterday I started my mission. Browsing from one fabric shop to others all day long. After hard and long thinking *exaggerating*, finally I decided to purchase 6 different fabrics. Wew...I really love the feeling of being trapped among tons of beautiful fabrics. It's just great.Happy sewing, mbak Yana:)

After Orchard

When you heard the word 'Singapore', what do you associate it with? The answer will not far from Orchard Road, Merlion, shopping, clean, green, safe, and the list will go on and on with all positive things. That's Singapore in the eyes of tourists.

Never thought that Singapore could have a very different impression when it's told by Margareta Astaman. She was a student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for 4 years. Living in Singapore for 4 years and staying there for only 3 days and 2 nights (like most Indonesian used to do) can cause a big different stories. No more beautiful Singapore. Life seems so hard.

From Margareta's stories, we could learn about the education system in Singapore, the every days life there, the interaction among the people, the Singaporean values of life, and many more and at last we will realize why many young people there commit suicide, why they're afraid to dream, and how hard their lives are.

Of course, talking about Singapore is not only talking about negative things. Sure there are many great things for us to learn. Their discipline, their hard works, their honesty and the like. But, in the end I conclude that life is not only about having high grade or great career. What is the career for if you don't enjoy it? Working hard all day long, going home and feeling totally tired and lonely. This was exactly that happened to the author, after she graduated from NTU with flying colors and got a great job in Singapore just like what her dream, finally she just missed something, "...di hari ketiga bekerja, gue mulai bertanya-tanya apakah jadi ibu rumah tangga akan jadi cita-cita yang lebih masuk akal dan menyenangkan."

I quote the author's conclusion about her life in Singapore, "Gue hidup selama 4 tahun di Singapur, gue ga pernah bisa punya temen deket. Semuanya terlalu sibuk dengan kerjanya masing-masing, bahkan untuk senyum. Semua punya rencana sendiri dimana gue ga pernah jadi bagian dari rencana mereka. Gue selalu sendiri. Dan gue ga inget, kapan selama 4 tahun itu gue ngerasa seneng...."

I enjoy Margareta's stories. It makes me laughing and thinking at the same time. Imagine, her campus is surrounded by beautiful garden and completed by swimming pool but none of the college students ever sit or swim there, they're just too busy to enjoy the garden or the swimming pool. For me, it's just ironic.

In the end, we are back to the definition of life itself. Life is about choices. You're the one who decide where you want to take your life to. Either to be a career woman or just a full-time-mom. It's all about choices.

Batik Najlazea: November Collection

Hi...there, batik lovers, here they are, our November collection. Colorful batik blouses from beautiful Cirebon batik. For more detail collection, check them all here. We'll be waiting for your order..:)

Les Amis de Martine

Does the above serial ring a bell? In the old days, we called it Tini serial. A children book with very beautiful illustration created by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier. This serial is my all time favorite book.

A few weeks a go when I browsed around Gramedia bookstore to find new story books for Najla, I came across this serial. I thought the content of the book was similar with the old Tini serial. Without thinking much, I directly bought 4 books. I saw there're already 10 books for this serial.

At home, with great excitement I introduced Najla with this serial, well...actually I also wanted to ask Zea to join us but unfortunately she's a bit busy with her lapis legit...:)

While we were discussing the book together, I just found out that the book was different from the old serial. Not only the title is different, now it's called Tina. But also the content. It seems that the new Tina is just a compilation from former Tini serial. Therefore it's stated on the front cover of the book 'Based on the album by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier'. This Tina serial now is translated and published by PT Bhuana Ilmu Populer (Gramedia Group). I still prefer the old Tini since the story is more complete. But looking at Najla's enthusiasm, I guess this book is good enough. Moreover it's completed by 40 stickers, so beside reading the story, the children will be busy sticking the stickers in the book.

Theodore Boone

I've been in love with books for such a long time. They have accompanied me since I was a little girl, during my teenage period, up until now. They have been there, coloring my life faithfully. At that time, I also had several favorite authors who put great influence in my life. Started from Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon and the last one, John Grisham. Enid Blyton's writings made me once planned to be a children book author. While Agatha Christie really influenced me to be a detective, and the last one, John Grisham who successfully made me choosing law school and in the end deciding to be a lawyer:)

This latest book from John Grisham had already been translated by Gramedia Pustaka Utama on September 2010. It's about Theo Boone, a 13-yr-old-boy, who is crazy about law since both of his parents are lawyers. Not like other boys his age, Theo is different, his favorite place is court room. He knows well many judges, police officers and court officers. He wants to be a good lawyer someday.

Until one day, he knows something --perhaps too much-- that at last puts him into one of the most sensational murder case.

Do not expect to read a breathtaking legal thriller like Grisham usually writes. This book is targeted for teenagers. Therefore the story is very simple. Very predictable. For me as an emak-emak, it's just an ordinary book.

Finally, My New Template

After almost 3 years with that very standard blogspot template, finally here it is, my new template. Thanks to Mbak Yana from Kerlip Bintang who had already been very patient in assisting me with this template project. As a very 'gaptek' person, I am so happppyyy to see my new template.

I love the header: a woman, a bookshelf, butterfly and green colour. It's so me. It's just perfect. Hopefully this new template will make me write more often, at least 15 posts a month, uhm...we'll see:)

The Social Network

As a Facebook account owner, I was curious to watch this movie. I wanted to know how Mark Zuckerberg could be an accidental billionaire in such a young age. Never thought that the movie is a bit serious. I didn't say that I didn't enjoy it. I just thought that the movie could be more fun.

According to my hubby (who doesn't have a facebook account), "It's ironic. Actually Zuckerberg's purpose of creating this social network was to get more friends , but unfortunately at the moment he launched the Facebook, he'd already lost his friends."

Yup, after facebook's launched and Zuckerberg claimed that he's the founder, he directly faced several legalsuits from his friends. Perhaps, the answer of this condition was as stated in the movie tagline: You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. Yes, as simple as that.

The movie is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich.

The Batik Notebook is Here

Welcoming the November rain with a new batik notebook created by Mbak Tarlen from Tobucil. I admire her a lot. She has a beyond belief creativity. I wish I could be like her. Creating many great and useful stuffs.

I love batik. No wonder that this batik notebook was a love at first sight. Yes , at the moment I saw it, I felt in love with it. I ordered it and this morning the notebook arrived, yay...

Actually I plan to use this notebook and replace the old one, but unfortunately when I see this new notebook, I just can't write on it. It's just too beautiful. I feel reluctant to use it and plan to keep it instead *dilemma*:)