Life Traveler

Konon, bumi ini milik mereka
yang mau berhenti sejenak untuk melihat-lihat,
lalu meneruskan perjalanan


You can learn from anything, anywhere, anyhow. From this travelogue, the author Windy Ariestanty shares what she learned so far along her traveling. Started from Hanoi, continued to Frankfurt, Prague, Paris and also her experience in US.

The special thing to note is how the author observed and interacted with the surrounding and the people at every stop she made. Therefore you will find not only the traveling story here but also the 'feel' of every place the author visited. It turns out that there are a lot to learn. If you stop for a while and look carefully to your surrounding, even the silence can teach you something. At least it brings you the peacefulness and (hopefully) at last the gratefulness of being who you are now.

After finishing the book, I am sure you'll be tempted to pack and plan your trip. A very recommended travelogue. A different one. Beside the traveling tips, there are also the great pictures and quotes at every chapter and what I love most are the beautiful illustrations made by Diani.