Air Mata Sang Jerapah

Translated from:
Tears of the Giraffe
Published by BENTANG, April 2006
369 pages
Thanks to Ferina for swapping this book:)

Lately I feel that detective books are not my cup of tea anymore therefore I stop reading that kind of books for quite sometime but this thought has suddenly been changed the minute I read the series written by Alexander McCall Smith, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

Let's meet Mma. Ramotswe, our detective. Just like other detective book, it is also a case to be solved by Mma. Ramotswe. In this book is about a mother who has lost his son for the past 10 years. It's going to be a hard job to do but nothing is impossible for our detective. By using her intuition and intelligence she finally knew what has happened to that missing son.

But the most interesting part of this book is not about the criminal case. There are a lot of elements to ponder, such as: The setting, in Botswana, you'll find a different Africa here, no war nor famine, in fact you'll learn their rich culture and characters. Even from Mma. Ramotswe's everyday life, her love story, her smart secretary and people she meets along the way definitely may bring new insight for us.

I am also amazed to find out that the writer is a Scottish Law professor who has already written various kinds of books such as the medical law, criminal law, philosophy, children books and novels. I guess these detective stories are one of the 'fun' kind of books he wrote.

A humorous yet heart-warming book.